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"Flying Papper Birds" - Set of 5

"Flying Papper Birds" - Set of 5


Create your own unique "Flying Bird Mobile" mesmerising masterpiece with a set of 5 individual handmade "Papper Birds".


How to Order

1. Choose individual shape designs

2. Enter Colour choices in the 'custom field' box

3. If you would like specific shape designs to be specific colours, please state these choices in the second 'custom field' box.

4. Add to cart


Shape #1
Shape #2
Shape #3
Shape #4
Shape #5
  • Accessories

    ***PLEASE NOTE - hanging accessories, i.e. string/thread, eye/tea hooks or 3M Command hooks are NOT included!!

  • Handmade Item

    **Please note** 

    Papper Birds are handmade to order.

    There is a 2 week turn aorund time for all orders!