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Create Your Own

Create Your Own


"Papper Birds" are individually priced at $15 - choose this option to create your own unique "Papper Bird Mobile" masterpiece.


**How to use this option to add baubles individually

1. Choose your shape design choice and

2. Use the "custom field box" to speicify your colour choice.

3. Add to cart

4. Come back to this option and repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have ordered your desired number of "Papper Birds"


**PLEASE NOTE** - there is a minimum order requirement for this option of 3 "Papper Birds"

  • Accessories

    PLEASE NOTE - hanging accessories, i.e. string/thread, tea/eye hooks, 3M Command hooks etc, are NOT included!

  • Handmade Item

    **Please note** 

    Papper Birds are handmade to order.

    There is a 2 week turn aorund time for all orders!